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…Commends Peaceful Conduct of Election

The Chief Executive Officer of Mr. J Auto LLC, Juwon Oludoyi extends congratulations to Governor-elect Usman Ododo of Kogi State for his victory in the November 11 governorship elections.

Oludoyi applauds the electorate in Kogi for their active participation in the electoral process, highlighting the resilience of democratic institutions and the people’s influence on the nation’s political landscape.

He emphasizes that the election outcome in Kogi State mirrors the desires of the people, asserting that democracy flourishes when voters reward competence, transparency, and good governance. Oludoyi views Ododo’s victory as expected, citing the impactful achievements of the current administration in the lives of the state’s residents, prompting the need for continuity and consolidation.

Expressing gratitude to the security forces for creating a level playing field for all contestants and maintaining law and order during the highly-anticipated elections, Oludoyi credits Governor Yahaya Bello’s efforts in providing security for the peaceful election on November 11.

With the election processes concluded, Oludoyi anticipates a renewed sense of hope for the people of Kogi State, expecting progress that will position the state as a hub of peace, commerce, entrepreneurship, and prosperity in Nigeria.

The auto dealer assures the governor-elect of his support for the government of Kogi State in any possible way to move the state forward.

He urges Governor-elect Ahmed Usman Ododo to sustain the existing peace and unity in the state, fostering development and progress. Oludoyi charges him to lead with compassion and a deepened commitment to state unity at all times.

On Sunday, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Ahmed Usman Ododo the winner of the November 11 governorship election, having polled the highest number of lawful votes, 446,237, to defeat other candidates.

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