Kogi FIDA Chairperson launches book unstoppable drive, task Nigerians to pursue their dream

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The Kogi State Chairperson, International Federation of Women Lawyers, (FIDA) Ajuma Lilian Okolo Esq has launched her maiden book, ” unstoppable drive” with a call on Nigerians not to be distracted from achieving their dreams in life.

The new book was launched on Thursday at the Nigeria Bar Association secretariat in Lokoja.

Speaking about the book, the Author Ajuma Lilian Okolo Esq noted that the rationale behind the book was an offshoot of her counseling section, noting that, over the years, it was deduced that many individuals were downcasted due to the challenges in life.

” I just sat down and I was looking for a way to pen down my thoughts and motivation to a larger populace. This is actually my driving force for unstoppable drive. It is virtually telling everybody that it is never too late to turn around things in life.

“The book is about having an unwavering drive. Having an unquenchable desire to achieve your goal. We know that there is alot of obstacles, but no matter what, we will always win. This book is a constant reminder that it is never too late to turn things around and achieve your dream”.

According to her, Nigeria needs to have a personal drive to discover their hidden talents in achieving greatness in life.

Continuing, the Author said” You dont need to copy or envy others. When you discover your own drive, you will get there. My message is that everything is possible and workable for us to achieve our dream in life”.

The Chief Judge of Kogi State Justice Josiah Majebi who was represented by the registrar of Kogi State High Court Ibrahim Jubril Oladimeji commended the Author for the great work.

He admonished Nigerians to develop reading culture in a bid to address various challenges in life.

In his speech, the chairman of the ocassion Richard Osaseyin acknowledge the hard work of the author stressing that, the book will help to sharpen the society for good.

The book reviewer, who is a Lecturer from Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja, Mrs Lola Balagbogbo noted that the book is structured into 15 chapters, stressing that, the book will help individuals to mentor into greatness.

She recalled that, the writer of the book share her own personal experience, adding that, the purpose of the book is to motivate individuals positively to achieve their goal in life

While giving a brief explanation on each chapters of the book, the educational don stated that, it is in the hand of any individual not to allow his or her dream to be aborted.

She opined that the book places emphasis on how to tackle obstacles and failures, stressing that, their is need to navigate through the three Chance, Change and choices.

She stressed on the need for individuals to remain focused on minimizing distraction, adding that, the language used in the book was comprehensive, informative and easy to comprehend.

Balagbogbo added that the book is practical and will help to enrich imagination that wont stop an individual from achieving their home.

While lamenting on the neglect of writers in the society, Balagbogbo
described writers as the mind of any nation, noting that, they should not be distracted from contributing their own quota towards the development of Nigeria

In his remarks, the Authors Father Alhaji Adamu Ibrahim described his daughter as a pride to the entire family, stressing that, his daughter has contributed immensely to the development of the society.

Adding his voice, the Executive Director, Conscience for Human Right and Conflict Resolution, (CHRCR) Comrade Idris Miliki described the publication of the book as timely in view of the recent happening in Nigeria.

” It is not easy to put up an idea to publish a book. When you see a person publish a book, he or she is exercising his or her brain. A former editor of New Nigeria made a famous quotes” When you read so much, you must learn to write. This is what encourages me to write today.

“When you see somebody that publish a book, be rest assured that such person is a good reader. When you write, you have immortalize your name. Our message is for people to always put their thoughts in writing” he stated.

The activist, also lamented that, in Nigeria modern society, publishers are not being appreciated, adding that, this should be address for generation unborn.

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