Analyzing The Potential Landslide Victory Of Ododo-joel, APC In The Kogi Election

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By Shehu Otuoze Yahaya (Lashek)

As the November 11, 2023 Kogi election approaches, the campaigns have intensified across the three senatorial districts of Kogi State. The All Progressives Congress (APC) has established a strong foothold in the state, and there are indications that the APC candidate, Ododo Ahmed Usman, is poised for a landslide victory. This analysis examines the factors that contribute to the potential overwhelming support for Ododo-Joel, APC in the upcoming election.

  1. Kogi Central: A Stronghold of Support:

Kogi Central, being the immediate constituency of the charismatic and admired Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, is expected to deliver a significant percentage of votes for Ododo Ahmed Usman. The people of Kogi Central appreciate the governor’s achievements and perceive Ododo as the candidate who will continue the socioeconomic and political development initiatives. The overwhelming support and enthusiasm from various campaign groups in the region indicate a solid backing for Ododo’s victory. Furthermore, the track record of Governor Bello in Kogi Central, characterized by remarkable infrastructure development, improved healthcare and education facilities, and job creation, has bolstered the trust and confidence of the people in the Ododo-Joel ticket.

  1. Kogi West: Consolidation and Continuity:

The campaign efforts in Kogi West have been substantial, with a focus on consolidating the achievements of Governor Bello. The people of Kogi West are enthusiastic about delivering substantial votes to Ododo Ahmed Usman, as they believe he will continue the progress initiated by Governor Bello. The massive support in this region can be attributed to the visible impact of the Bello administration, including road construction, agricultural reforms, and youth empowerment programs. The people of Kogi West recognize the need for continuity and view Ododo as the candidate who can effectively build upon the foundation laid by Governor Bello.

3.Eastern Senatorial Flank: Strong Political Coverage:

The political coverage of Prince Audu’s dynasty in the Eastern senatorial flank is unparalleled. The late Prince Abubakar Audu, a former governor of Kogi State, had a significant influence and loyal following in this region. The Audu family’s enduring political network, coupled with the well-coordinated political machinery of the Deputy Governor Chief Onoja, positions the APC-Ododo ticket for a solid performance in the Eastern senatorial flank. Additionally, the substantial followership of Senator Ochocho, a prominent political figure in the region, further strengthens the chances of Ododo-Joel. The combined efforts of these influential political figures have galvanized the support of the electorate, making a significant impact on the opposition’s chances.

4.APC’s Numerical Advantage and

Governor Bello’s Antecedents:
The APC enjoys a significant numerical advantage in Kogi State, which plays a crucial role in electoral success. The party’s strong grassroots structure, coupled with effective mobilization strategies, enables them to reach a wide range of voters. Moreover, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s sterling leadership and achievements have earned him immense popularity and support. As the chosen successor of Governor Bello, Ododo Ahmed Usman benefits from the goodwill and trust built by the current administration, giving him an edge over opposition candidates. The APC’s numerical advantage and Governor Bello’s antecedents create a favorable environment for a potential landslide victory.

  1. Overwhelming People’s Support for Ododo:

From surveys, public sentiment, and observations, it is evident that Ododo Ahmed Usman enjoys substantial support from the people of Kogi State. His candidacy resonates with the electorate, and they perceive him as the candidate who can best represent their interests and aspirations. Ododo’s reputation as a capable and dynamic leader, with a focus on youth empowerment and inclusive governance, has garnered widespread admiration. The people of Kogi State appreciate his commitment to building on the achievements of Governor Bello and his vision for sustainable development and progress. This overwhelming support is reflected in the numerous campaign groups, endorsements, and grassroots movements that have rallied behind Ododo’s candidacy.


Based on the analysis of various factors, it becomes apparent that the potential for a landslide victory of Ododo Ahmed Usman, APC in the upcoming Kogi election is significant. The strongholds of support in Kogi Central, the consolidation efforts in Kogi West, and the influential political coverage in the Eastern senatorial flank all contribute to the favorable prospects for APC and Ododo. Additionally, the numerical advantage of the APC and the unwavering support of the people towards Ododo Ahmed Usman indicate a high likelihood of a resounding victory.

However, it is important to note that the outcome of an election is ultimately determined by the choices of the voters. Despite the indications of overwhelming support, it is essential for the APC and the Ododo campaign to maintain a strong and strategic presence throughout the campaign till election period. Engaging with the electorate, addressing their concerns, and continuously communicating the vision and plans for Kogi State’s progress will be crucial in securing a decisive victory.

In conclusion, the potential landslide victory of APC and Ododo Ahmed Usman as the next governor of Kogi State in the Kogi election is a result of several factors, including the strong support from Kogi Central, the consolidation efforts in Kogi West, and the influential political coverage in the Eastern senatorial flank. The overwhelming support of the people for Ododo Ahmed Usman, combined with the APC’s numerical advantage and Governor Bello’s antecedents, further strengthens the prospects of victory. However, the outcome will ultimately depend on the choices made by the voters and the adherence to democratic principles throughout the electoral process.

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