Dr. Maryam J. Ogundepo Honored with “Omiakele Ejeh” Chieftaincy Title in Igala Kingdom

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By Maymunah Zubair

Olamaboro, Igala Kingdom – Dr. Maryam J. Ogundepo, renowned for her philanthropic endeavors and dedication to women’s well-being, received the esteemed “Omiakele Ejeh” chieftaincy title from His Royal Highness, Chief Ujah Sani Simeon, the Ejeh Olamaboro of Igala Kingdom, during a grand cultural ceremony celebrating his fifth year on the throne.

The title “Omiakele Ejeh,” which translates to “The Benefactor of the Ejeh,” underscores Dr. Ogundepo’s tireless work in enhancing healthcare, education, and social welfare for women and children in the Igala Kingdom and beyond. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, she has long championed social service improvements and charitable initiatives in the region.

The event was a vibrant display of Igala culture and tradition, with Dr. Ogundepo graciously accepting the title in traditional attire. Community leaders praised her contributions to the Igala Kingdom’s development, particularly her efforts in women’s empowerment and community growth.

The Ejeh Olamaboro commended Dr. Ogundepo’s selfless service and dedication to the people, emphasizing that the “Omiakele Ejeh” title symbolizes the Kingdom’s profound gratitude for her invaluable work.

The atmosphere was filled with joy, cultural performances, and traditional music as community members, dignitaries, and well-wishers gathered to celebrate Dr. Ogundepo’s lasting impact on the lives of many within the Igala Kingdom.

The conferment of the “Omiakele Ejeh” chieftaincy title on Dr. Maryam J. Ogundepo is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the Igala people, underscoring the positive transformation individuals with a genuine desire to make a difference can bring to their communities. The Igala Kingdom eagerly anticipates Dr. Ogundepo’s continued contributions and her enduring positive influence on her people’s lives.

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